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Morning post.

So before I go into last night's game, I want to make it clear that this blog will be a very very ADHD blog. I'm not going to cover every single game like JIm does so well at the Snakepit. I'm a dedicated fan, but I'm not that dedicated of a blogger. So what you will get is a very very skewed take on the diamondbacks. Anyway. for the next month or so, I'm pretty much going to be throwing crap at a board and seeing what will stick.

Well, getting on with things, it appears the baseball gods have blessed us with a glorious rain delay filled game. And a win. Amen. I didn't get a chance to catch the game. (don't have cable right now. I'm a poor college student. Thank god I'm getting it in August though. )

Over in the AL I caught this bit courtesy of the Associated Press...

Los Angeles shortstop Orlando Cabrera went 0 for 4, ending his streak of reaching base safely in 63 consecutive games - the longest run in the majors since at least 1960. Ted Williams holds the record with 84 straight games in 1949.

After Mark Kotsay doubled to start the bottom of the first inning, Lackey recorded 27 consecutive outs to finish the game in 2 hours, 1 minute. Zito lost his third straight start for his longest losing streak since dropping five in a row from Sept. 22, 2004, to April 25, 2005.-

Quite Impressive.

Holy Shit, Bob Melvin made a good decision....

Tonight's Line up VS the Rockies

CF DaVanon, Jeff
3B Tracy, Chad
RF Green, Shawn
1B Jackson, Conor
LF Gonzalez, Luis
C Estrada, Johnny
2B Hudson, Orlando
SS Counsell, Craig
P Batista, Miguel

Sad this big change was a month late.

Ups and Downs

This season has been an odd one. We've had our highs and our lows. We had our hot spell in May, our dead cold spell in June. We've had scandal with the Jason Grimsley fiasco. We've set records(Unfortunately, that one is the record setting release of Russ Ortiz's Contract). Then of course, there's the ongoing fued between our over-the-hill, aging, prima donna left fielder Luis Gonzales, and our owner Ken Kendrick.

We've reached the half way point of the season. So what lies ahead for our beloved Arizona Diamondbacks? As of today, we're 40-45. We're in dead last, but still, the NL West remains tight, and Arizona is still only five behind the first place.... this hard for me to say.... Colorado Rockies. The casual fan believes that NL West is winnable. Serious fans, like myself, will realize that cost of winning this division could end up being very high. We could trade away some of our top line talent, acquire some pitching, some bullpen depth, et cetera. But why trade away a potential dynasty for a play off team, that is in all likelyhood, going to lose?

My attitude(which closely aligns with many serious fans out there), is to do some serious roster cleaning, and build for the future from this point on. Trade away the valuable chips on the ML roster that we do have. That means Eric Byrnes, Craig Counsell, Orlando Hudson, and/or MIguel Batista. I believe that if Shawn Green and Luis Gonzales can be moved, they would be. Trade away who we can, bring up the prospects that are ready. IMHO, those would be Stephen Drew, Carlos Quentin, and Alberto Callaspo. See if Hairston really deserves the AAAA player tag. Come September, play the rookies.

I'd rather see a young rookie fail and get better, then see an old veteran succeed and get worse.

Well, that's all I have to say for today.


Welcome to the site!

Welcome to the site. This is a blog dedicated to the Arizona Diamondbacks, and their lackluster new coverage. I'll post various dbacks related articles from the web, comment on them, and probably ramble quite a bit. Shot outs to the posters over Diamondbacksbullpen.com for rocking. This for lev, shoe, dylan, and all the other posters far too lazy to make their own blog. If you feel like contributing to the blog, leave me a message or send me an email and I'll post that shiat.


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