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Well, my home at blogeasy has been short, and so has the name of this blog. I'm moving over to a new host, and new name. Diamondbacks Ramblings.. So please, update your bookmarks and links!

Melvin extended

Well, I ended up pretty busy yesterday. Nice game played yesterday. Hell, Gonzo actually hit a homer. Crazy. What's even crazier is the 2 year deal the Diamondbacks have made with the manager, Bob Melvin.

My take on thiis? A bit of a mixed bag. Byrnes and Melvin reportedly have a good working relationship, and as long as Josh is making the right moves, and Bob carries them out accordingly, I'm fine. Most of the issues I have with Melvin are the way he handles his pitchers, often being prone to a slow hook, and over-using releivers. The way he's handled rookie position players irks me, considering the youth-based direction this team is headed.

Our best bet is that Melvin become's Arizona version of Oakland's Ken Macha.

What the hell Bob?

Early game today sees Juan Cruz facing Aaron Cook. It appears Counsell is leading off again. Snyder batting in the 8 hole. Gonzo batting fifth. I'm going to watch the game for now. I'll have a couple articles posted today.

And then Greg Aquino forgets how to pitch

8-5 AZ still leading now. Aquino taken out, New pitcher brought in.

Edit Jorge Julio brought in, and proceeds to stink it up but gets the final out, and I believe the save, unfortunately. 8-7 Diamondbacks.

Green knocks in Green to make it 8-1

Still only two outs, and men on the corners, and another pitching change, with Chad Tracy due up to bat again with men on base in the ninth. Edit: And I jinxed it. Conor Jackson lines out to end the inning.
Here's how it all went down

Top 9th: Arizona

- B. Fuentes relieved J. Jennings
- E. Byrnes singled to shortstop
- S. Green singled to shortstop, E. Byrnes to second
- C. Jackson singled to center, E. Byrnes to third, S. Green to second
- Chad tracy was like in YOUR FACE SON!!!!! and he jacks a grand slam
- Estrada strikes out
- O Dawg pimp smacks fuentes in the face, then proceeds to hit a double.
- C. Counsell singled to left
- A. Green hit for L. Vizcaino
- R. Ramirez relieved B. Fuentes
- A. Green walked, O. Hudson to third, C. Counsell to second
- R. King relieved R. Ramirez
- J. DaVanon hit sacrifice fly to center, O. Hudson scored
- E. Byrnes singled to left, C. Counsell scored, A. Green to second
- S. Green singled to center, A. Green scored, E. Byrnes to third
- D. Cortes relieved R. King
- C. Jackson lined out to left
- End of Inning (7 Runs, 8 Hits, 0 Errors)


Tracy hits a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth to put the Dbacks ahead 5-1.

Pitchers duel in Coor's?

So those humidors are really working. The diamondbacks with three hits so far, but hitting into bad luck with two double plays, and near two run homerun by Byrnes. Webby looking bueno through four.

I'd now like to stop and tell you that I love Spider-Man. He's the greatest super-hero. It's nerd cinderella if you think about. Well, except not nearly as awkward. It'd be really bitchin if I had that black costume. In fact, I am such a dedicated fan of that black costume that I'm getting this spider symbol tattooed on my back. It's not going to be a pansy ass tattoo eitther. I'm having this mofo's legs stretch from my shoulder to shoulder down my back. And I'm 6'9. That's so going to be painful as shit.

"Surprise" move by Melvin tonight

Gonzo sits tonight. DaVanon bats lead off again tonight, playing for gonzo in LF. Who saw that coming a mile away. Unfortunately, my dreams of a collision between counsell and gonzo won't happen tonight.

Home alone and nothing to do.

I added a bit more to my last ramblings to thank Jim over at the snake pit for the plug, Welcome new readers. God willing my rantings and ramblings will have you confused and wanting more.

Edit: Kick Ass! Major League is on the WB right now. I think I'm going to watch that, then post the line ups for tonight and then follow the game.

Where am I?

Well, still trying to figure out entry system on ths blogging site. It's TOO user friendly. Bleh. I'll probably have to find a better host at some point.

I came across this East Valley Tribune Article earlier today. And my response to that article is simply: Duh. I mean honestly, of course his phone is going to be off the hook. Our farm system makes other GM's cream their pants. Is it just me or do main stream reporters have any idea what the hell they are doing half the time?

Tonight's game sees Brandon Webb facing Jason Jennings. Part of me wants to see Luis Gonzalez and Craig Counsell involved in a fata... err season ending.. collision tonight. Wait, did i say part of me? I meant all of me. Well, the part of me that hasn't gone... I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but I'm really sick of Gonzo and Counsell. "Oh, but they're the team leaders!:" .... "But Craig Counsell has the coooolest batting stance ever...!!!" ..."2001" .... I'm tired of that. So knowing that Gonzo and Craig both suck, and by suck, I mean I don't give a shit if Craig Counsell has a valuable glove, his offense negates his defense. I mean, I love Craig, and god knows that I want to have his love child as much as the rest of any of us this side of the diamondbacks mlb message board, but I'm sick and tired of having light hitting shortstops on this team. I'm sick and tired of having a left fielder that throws like a girl(no offense jenny finch), and hits like a light hitting middle infielder.

Now where were we? Oh yeah - the important thing was I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn't have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones..

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