Pitchers duel in Coor's? 

Pitchers duel in Coor's?

So those humidors are really working. The diamondbacks with three hits so far, but hitting into bad luck with two double plays, and near two run homerun by Byrnes. Webby looking bueno through four.

I'd now like to stop and tell you that I love Spider-Man. He's the greatest super-hero. It's nerd cinderella if you think about. Well, except not nearly as awkward. It'd be really bitchin if I had that black costume. In fact, I am such a dedicated fan of that black costume that I'm getting this spider symbol tattooed on my back. It's not going to be a pansy ass tattoo eitther. I'm having this mofo's legs stretch from my shoulder to shoulder down my back. And I'm 6'9. That's so going to be painful as shit.

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