Green knocks in Green to make it 8-1 

Green knocks in Green to make it 8-1

Still only two outs, and men on the corners, and another pitching change, with Chad Tracy due up to bat again with men on base in the ninth. Edit: And I jinxed it. Conor Jackson lines out to end the inning.
Here's how it all went down

Top 9th: Arizona

- B. Fuentes relieved J. Jennings
- E. Byrnes singled to shortstop
- S. Green singled to shortstop, E. Byrnes to second
- C. Jackson singled to center, E. Byrnes to third, S. Green to second
- Chad tracy was like in YOUR FACE SON!!!!! and he jacks a grand slam
- Estrada strikes out
- O Dawg pimp smacks fuentes in the face, then proceeds to hit a double.
- C. Counsell singled to left
- A. Green hit for L. Vizcaino
- R. Ramirez relieved B. Fuentes
- A. Green walked, O. Hudson to third, C. Counsell to second
- R. King relieved R. Ramirez
- J. DaVanon hit sacrifice fly to center, O. Hudson scored
- E. Byrnes singled to left, C. Counsell scored, A. Green to second
- S. Green singled to center, A. Green scored, E. Byrnes to third
- D. Cortes relieved R. King
- C. Jackson lined out to left
- End of Inning (7 Runs, 8 Hits, 0 Errors)

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